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Trackmania Nations Remake

The Trackmania Nations Remake, which will be released on July 1 of 2020, will be broadcast on Uplay and Epic Games, which will be the last game of the Ubisoft game company. We leave you alone with this review article where you will get the answer of what kind of game Trackmania is and what awaits us in its content .

History of Trackmania Games

With 17 games in 17 years from 2003 to 2020, Trackmania offers us better graphics and more advanced game experiences every time. In these games, which are a complete work of art, as usual, players become part of the world in Trackmania. The game contains completely different stories and we will go into detail with our review article.

Game Content

This series, which will be released in 2020, will include 13 different languages ​​including English, German, French, Spanish and Turkish and you will be able to enjoy playing this game in your own language.

Installed in the simplest possible way, the game is focused on providing convenience to the end user and maximum fun and pleasure. You will download the game, start it and you can start playing directly without making any adjustments. You can click and play right away in the game, which has excellent racing games with different sections and modes. When logging into Trackmania, you can enter a wide training mode and learn the game completely easily.

In-Game Music

In this regard, you should not put yourself in great expectations. Although there are no music and sounds that will put you in a high fashion, it still contains beautiful sounds with the game while playing in the back. Sound effects and engine sounds will satisfy you, but as we said, you should not keep your expectations high in this regard.

Game Graphics

The graphics of the game make you feel like playing with a toy car. You should not expect realistic and realistic graphics that you will feel like in Madalin Stunt Cars 2 game . The game is a style that you will play by feeling more like playing with toys, more like driving your remote control car on a track. However, your vehicle is not damaged in the game and you can enter endless fun. There are many visual feasts in the game apart from the tracks and these extremely enjoyable visuals will make you feel like you are in a toy world. There are different car models from each other and we guarantee that you can not wait to choose each one and play. Ubisoft, which develops itself in each game, draws you to a very good world this time.

How is the Trackmania Nations Remake’s Tracks?

5-6 tracks that are different from each other and where you can have very pleasant experiences are waiting for you. The freedom to edit these tracks in the editor within the game will be another plus for you. Its features change according to different shapes such as sand, soil, racetrack, icy ground. For example, you can feel the slipperiness of the icy ground until the wheels turn a little harder on the sandy ground. You know that the features of the ground are very important for car games , so you should make sure that you choose the most suitable track and race.

Game Controls and Physics Engine

In this series of Trackmania, we said it was extremely simple ; throttle, brake, left and right turns. Since the game is actually very simple to play, it is so enjoyable to play, there is no extra complicated situation but you should feel it by focusing on the fun to be the first in the races and having enjoyable moments on various tracks. You can see your car floating in the air, and you can check its rotation in the air. You will enjoy the world in the game within its own physics rules. The most important thing to pay attention to in vehicles that move with all its strength is not to go wrong, if you cannot, you cannot be corrected and you are sent directly to the top of the track. If you pay attention to this, this game will not be better than you.

Ready Tracks & Tracks Editor i la Games You in Control

Since the game has not been released yet, we have not tested the tracks, of course, but we can tell you what the game has to offer by doing some tests with the videos and what we have seen. As we understand from the images that Epic Games and Ubisoft show on their sites, the tracks are designed to be completely challenging for you, there are different challenges on each track and you cannot learn and replace them by playing once, at least 4-5 times to pass each track. After trying and learning well, maybe you can reach the bronze medal. Of course, as you play a lot, you will better grasp this game and increase your chances of success. The editor section is waiting for you to edit the tracks you make and make your own challenging experiences. In this part, all you have to do is to make new roads using the shortcuts shown in the game, add difficulties according to the shape you have in mind and look forward to driving your car on this track. Playing the game with your own track and feeling in control will give you many different pleasures.

Be a Team Friend with Clubs

You can join clubs, create new clubs, develop your team, and share your vehicles and maps through the platforms within the game, namely Uplay and Epic Games, which we said at the very beginning of our article. With this sharing and feeling of being together, you will experience a much more fun game taste and you will be able to play for hours without leaving the fun Trackmania Nations Remake.


Trackmania Nations Remake promises endless fun like past games and aims to provide you with an environment that is both the simplest and completely in control. The game, which will be released soon, aims to give you the most fun and happiness they can give with low system requirements, rather than realistic graphics like other racing and car games. Do not forget to download this game, which we think will be on your computer, will make you feel good. We wish you good luck.

On which date and on which platforms will Trackmania Nations Remake be released?

It will be available on Uplay and Epic Games as of July 1, 2020 and will be available for purchase.

What are the minimum system requirements for Trackmania Nations Remake?

: It is not yet clear, it will be announced from official sites and publisher platforms.

How many tracks are in Trackmania Nations Remake?

The game comes with 25 official tracks and the tracks are renewed every 3 months. Also, with the help of the editor, you can adjust these tracks for yourself or make new ones.