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Let's play Bubble Shooter game together. This game is among the one person skill games. This game requires intelligence and is also among the puzzle games. The game was created in 2002 by Absolutist / Ilyon. In 2018, it was developed and made compatible with websites with the html5 version.

Bubble Shooter Game How to Play?

It is very easy to play the game. There is a shooter on the platform in the game. This shooter is throwing a ball upwards. These balls are available in various colors. You shoot at the yellow, blue, green, red and other colors above. After firing, 3 or more colored balls must come together. By the way, you earn points as you pop colored balls. You level up when all balloons burst in the game. If you can't pop the balloon, the block of balloons above goes down. You will not be able to understand how time passes in this popular game among Puzzle Games.

Bubble Shooter Game Tricks and Features

  • This game is a classic bubble popping game.
  • The balls in the game are in multiple colors.
  • The game gets harder at every stage.
  • Be tactical and be careful where you shoot.
  • Pop the balloon every time you throw it, or the block above will go down.


  • Aim with the mouse
  • Press the left mouse button to shoot.

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Who developed Bubble Shooter Game?

The game was created by Absolutist in 2002 and in 2018 it was developed and made playable on many platforms. Today, you can play the game from IOS and android phones and all web browsers, as well as download it from google play.

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