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Passing episodes with Stickman Hook is fun. We are here with a skill game with hundreds of levels that you can choose to have a good time. All you have to do is carry the stickman like Tarzan with the hook to the end of the episodes. It is very important how you rock your hook, at which moment you click and at what angle and quickly you move it forward. To pass each section, all you have to do is hook it at the right moment, and hook your hooks and throw yourself forward. Stickman Hook, dazzling with its fun and beautiful graphics, offers you a very different challenge. You will have a lot of fun with this arcade game that is among the friv games.

How to Play Stickman Hook?

First, prepare yourself to play the game, because it is very simple and easy, and a game that you cannot ignore the rules of physics is waiting for you. After pressing the play button in the game you have to make, you must deliver your hero to the finish line of each section correctly. Our hero can hook up to the connection points without any problems, you should do it at the right angle and distance and leave it when it comes to the right speed and time. This way you can move from one port to another and move yourself forward.

Tricks and Features of Stickman Hook Game

  • The first episodes are quite simple.
  • As it progresses, distance will increase between hook and connection points.
  • Timing is very important.
  • As well as establishing the connection, you should adjust the distance and the distance you leave.
  • Passing through the finish point quickly will earn more points.

Game Release Date and Developer

Our game came out with iOS in October 2018, Android in November 2018 and online version in December 2018.

The developer of the game is the company MadBox. We remember MadBox with the Dash Valley game before.


In the game played only with the help of the mouse, you can shake yourself by clicking the left mouse button.

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You can play our game seamlessly from all browsers and mobile devices, and you can find the game in the skill games category from Apple Market and Google Play Store.

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