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Using the content contained in our website as to protect the privacy of our users and the data obtained from these people, the law on the use of personal data in an appropriate manner used by attentive and respectful manner we must note our hereinafter. In order to serve you better on our site and to benefit from our content, information is collected in line with what is deemed necessary and no extra information is received except for this requirement.


As, we comply with the privacy policies on this page in line with respectful and legal obligations. Within the scope of the Privacy Policy, has taken the duty of data controller and has full control in order to protect, hide and use the data on our website. LTD., Whose office is located at Karaman Caddesi Ercüment Ba proportion Street No: 15, Ataşehir , Istanbul. Sti. Website mediated ly la obtained personal data, manipulate and to be shared with partners and third-party services and use. By using our website, you declare that you have accepted the Privacy Policy items described on this page by accessing the applications contained within our website.


1.1. Our website is, LTD. ŞTİ . Is an online free gaming site that includes the latest and most recent games. HTML5-based games end users s or

It aims to enable them to play games and spend fun time through exciting adventures. You can find more detailed website information on our About Us page. People who want to use our site can use the games on our site free of charge and without registration. Our users, who can create a membership, can comment on the games they want, save them for playing later and also create a favorite games list, whenever they want to play games, they can easily access our site from any device connected to the internet. Our site used to play games online, visitors to the latest and most popular games racing and hey to offer a full life has set itself the task.


1.2. The games on our site are not directly on their hosting facilities, but they provide you with the distribution of games shared by third parties through distributors . With all these contents, you agree that third parties will access your data and does not have any binding in this context . In terms of data processing on our site commercial use line is made possible and that you accept them when you enter the game.


1.3. As, we take care to share the newest, most entertaining and most appropriate games for child development within our site. However, as stated in article 1.2, since the games are not available in our hosting facilities, we cannot control all of these contents continuously and state that the user is responsible for activities such as data collection and transfer, which are not within our knowledge. If you are concerned about our content and games , you can tell us by e-mail and other communication channels and you can have these games removed from our site as soon as possible.




2.1. When you use our site, you have granted access to certain information and you allow such information to be stored and used as data. We obtain this information from the world you have accessed to our site, from your social media accounts such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter , or from what you share with us while creating a membership to our site. We can also obtain this information from the advertising network and payment providers.


Here are some of the information we can get from you when you use our website:

- your IP address,

- Information collected with cookies,

- Your demographic information such as name , surname , age, country,

- Your public information from your social media accounts.

- Information you provide in forums such as communication, comments on our website,

- Your e-mail address, the information you send to us from social media accounts,

etc. you allow other information to be collected through our site.


3.1. As, we keep the data obtained for as long as we want and deem necessary. There is a separate category and retention period for each data, which varies according to the processing and operations. We will keep the information we receive from you for the required period of time in order to resolve legal obligations, disputes that may arise and to fulfill our contracts. If you have any question mark within the scope of personal data retention, if you are worried, you can reach us by explaining the situation clearly to us on our contact page and by sending an e-mail to .