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1.1. Welcome to LTD., The trade registry number 687126684, which is located at the center of Karaman Caddesi Ercüment Ba proportion Street No: 15, Ataşehir, Istanbul. Browser games offered on our site, mobile games and other content, and all other services associated with use of n is presented to our state. All of the content you will use within our site is protected on the basis of our Privacy Policy. You can browse our Privacy Policies .


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 2.1. After you accept the Terms of Use on, you will be granted a temporary, limited and licensed license below for your non-commercial entertainment goal in order to continue and enjoy the content and play games. offers thousands of games and entertainment applications on its address and many other platforms. While using this free service, you are responsible for any paid expenses that third parties may incur and this has nothing to do with our site. In some games, you can purchase game-oriented subscriptions, such as virtual gaming coins and virtual items. These purchases cannot be associated with


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2.4. The period that your account will remain active for use is limited to 180 (one hundred and eighty) days. If your account is inactive within the specified number of days, reserves the right to deactivate and delete your account completely. has no responsibility or liability for payments made if the account is deactivated. Closed accounts are allowed to retake the usernames of someone else. In addition, we have no obligation to delete or save any personal and public data you have uploaded to your account. If your account is misused and such a situation is suspected, may block, limit, suspend and terminate accounts and services from access, provided that other ways to apply are confidential.


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