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1.Is a Paid Gaming Site?

All games on our site can be played online for free. Since the advertisements published on our site are our source of income, money is never requested from the members.

To play all the new and popular games on our site, it is enough to register on our site. Registration is also completely free and you can play your own games by choosing the games you want from your own profile.

2.For Which Age Group is Suitable? addresses not only children but all age groups. Regardless of whether you are a child or an old person, anyone can play the games online. Absolutely all games on our site are very suitable for the level of development of children. It also improves children's intelligence and skill abilities. Thanks to this, your children will be absolutely safe. Your children are in safe hands!

3.Is safe? has TÜV safety certificate in both England and Germany. Hosting the games is extremely safe and content is being talked about a lot in the name of Turkey and countries of the world. It also has an SSL (secure site) certificate.

Our site allows you to access all kinds of games thanks to its easy use and has a simple language expression. In this way, we can serve you safely.

4.Which Games Can I Play Online on the Site?

Our site has HTML5 Games and many online gaming platforms. You can find many games in the world and in Europe with your family free of charge. Our most popular categories in searches are;

Car games, friv games, girls games, racing games and ion games' dir . You can play all games free of charge without downloading.

5.Is My Nickname Deleted?

No it is not deleted in any way. Only nicknames containing insults and profanity are first corrected by our editor or manager. However, if you continue to enter swearing and insulting nicknames, your game profile may be permanently deleted.

6.I Can't Play Some Games What Should I Do?

The content of the game and how to play it are broadly explained in all our games. Our site has many languages ​​and you can use the language function if you wish. All games contain information and pictures about key functions and how to play the game. If you still have difficulty playing, you can email . Also, please feel free to email us if there are any errors or problems with the games. You can get a reward for it.

7.How Do I Continue My Game From My Stay? applies cookies policy like other sites . This service is very useful for you. Because you can leave our site by mistake or the game you played may be interrupted. You can continue your game from where you left off thanks to cookies.

8.Why Games and Pages Are So Slow?

There may be more than one reason for this situation. The most important reason is that your internet line is slow. Our server on our site is the last site hosting provider and has a fast operating system. It sends you the data in the fastest way, but games can be opened slowly depending on the speed of your internet. In this case, we recommend you wait a bit on the page.

You can reach us from the communication section for all your problems and opinions or send an e-mail to .